Petition to call for the immediate resignation of all NTFC Supporters Trust Board Members and distancing of all current advisors.

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Email Communication with Trust Board

Below is the email communication with the NTFC Supporters Trust board in regards to the recent information that came to light about the trust's bid. (Details)

Initial Email

Sent 30th January 2023 to Trust Board, CC Andy Roberts

Hello Trust Board,

Given the information that has come to light today in regards to the trust bid, while we understand you believe that you were acting in the best interest of the club however it is undeniably clear from the reaction of trust members and fans alike that the current boards position is no longer viable.

We'd like to give the current board & it's advisors the opportunity to take immediate action to allow the trust to move forward, we'd suggest that you announce that all current board members will be resigning and not standing in the upcoming AGM/election and that all positions will be open to new members.

To be abundantly clear we are in no way suggesting that our group be handed the reigns or automatically assumed to the board, simply that a fresh start is needed - we have 9 people who are willing and will stand, but it should be made clear that all members are able to stand in the election.

The alternative to this will be the calling of an EGM in which this issue will be put forward to the membership.

We look forward to hearing your plans.

#NotMyTrust :
Thom Chiswell
Rob Duncan
Heidi Green
Tom Packer
Barry Collins
Derry Felton
Ryan Wilson
Ben White
Joe Smart


Received 31st January 2023

To whoever it may concern,

Good afternoon,

We make no apology for the actions we have taken to try and protect the old athletics track land from unsuitable development during the last five months and not knowing the final destination of the proceeds of sale.

And we don't think all board members should step down for working hard on a voluntary basis in the interests of safeguarding our football club.

After all, this is what the Trust has been about for the last 30 years.

We would simply say that the Trust's annual general meeting takes place next month.

We are a democratic organisation and have long invited, and welcomed, fresh faces on the board.

So any interested Trust members should put their names forward and seek to make a difference while respecting the core values and mission of a Supporters Trust.

Remember, the Trust is not a Supporters Club. It is important to make the distinction as the two operate very differently.

We meet monthly and the officer roles can be very time consuming.

If an election for board positions is required, then Trust members can make a democratic choice as to who represents them.

We can't say fairer than that surely? If members want a change on the Trust board then so be it.

In closing, would you do us the courtesy of presenting your petition to the Supporters Trust? We think that is only fair.

And once again we extend the courtesy of inviting you all to our board meeting next month. We look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes,

NTFC Trust

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